Harper Rose (??)

The familiar face on the street, the friend you're always happy to run into but can never remember.


That, to the right? That vaguely androgynous but aesthetically pleasing individual with the white hair? That’s not Harper Rose, but it’s a good place to jump off. Harper has features, to be sure, and quite well-defined ones. But whether those eyes are green, blue, hazel, or grey depends on the observer. Whether Harper is a feminine man or a masculine woman, a bit on the waifish side or mildly defined is anyone’s guess.


‘Who is Harper Rose?’ is an entirely valid question, even after meeting the person. Especially then. Man, woman, blonde, brunette, young, old, or anywhere in between. Harper Rose is quite obviously not even a real name, but it is the one most in the Freehold will recognize for a Winter courtier of astounding ambiguity.

In the mundane world, Harper is a talent agent, producer, and occasional musician – certainly never far from a cell phone loaded with names of well-connected individuals and always with a new act in the works or on the way up or on the way out. In the Freehold, Rose appears to be an efficient spy – generally welcome in all circles but quickly forgotten and easily misremembered, it’s a job at which Harper excels. And to a very few, Harper Rose is something else entirely – a troubadour’s fanciful ideal of chivalry and courtly love.

In the end, ‘Who is Harper Rose?’ is a question which may have no answer. After so long in so many lives and so many names and faces, not even Harper Rose can say anymore.

Harper Rose (??)

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