The Ever-Burning

Scene 4: Automatons


Scene 3: Daydreams and Nightmares
The phone buzzes in your pocket.

A phone buzzes in your pocket.

It’s the 15th call today from the same number. Your hand shakes as you pull it out of your pocket. You slowly swipe the green button across to answer. You don’t say hello when you put it to your ear.

The voice on the other end of the line says your name anyway.

Scene 2: Jungle Juice Thursday
Jungle Juice: Underwhelming.


- Lizzie started trying to get Cory into detention all the time.
- Lizzie and Addie went to Kelsey’s funeral, hugged her mom, saw a strange red head lady.
- Eli and Addie went to a party.
- Eli made out with Traci.
- Addie stood up to a cruel upperclassman and stopped him from assaulting a freshman girl.
- Everyone except Lizzie tried Jungle Juice. They found it underwhelming.
- Addie saw a strange man made of fire down in the caverns.
- Eli saw a volcano down in the caverns.
- Lizzie saw the strange redhead walk past and chased her down and took a phone from her.

Scene 1: School Days
Do you know what jungle juice is?

It’s a beautiful day in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. Leafers are in town making getting to school slow at best, and our protagonists – Adelaide Jones, Eli Baker, and Elizabeth “Beth” Dunn arrive early.

Interesting things that happened throughout the day:

  • Eli met some friends and made some friends!
  • Addie realized her dad is renown through town for his amazing mustache.
  • Beth baked cookies with Cory. They were delicious.
  • Eli and Addie were paired together on a science project (WHAT IS TUNGSTEN?) and now have to present on the metal to the rest of the class.
  • Addie caught Casey rolling a join in the library.
  • Eli got caught by Ol’ Eagle-Eye’s Mansfield vandalizing a desk and got detention for it.
  • Casey started a fight with Addie, who dodged it. Both went to the office. Addie got invited to Jungle Juice Thursday, got told that her father enjoyed chicken fried steak with gravy, and became a monitor for detention.
  • Beth had French Class, and just played Magic the whole time.
  • Eli got invited to Jungle Juice Thursday by Emily the President of the Student Council. (Addie got grudgingly invited to).
  • Beth found Lance continuing to deface her locker by adding GOT to the ‘FAG’ already present. Beth got in trouble of this due to ST FIAT. (Also, Lance is a popular kid, sux 2 sux Beth).
  • Beth got Cory into trouble so he’d have to be in detention with her.
  • Detention primarily consisted of Eli and Beth talking about trading spots, Addie trying to get on Beth’s case, and Mr. Doades getting called out of the room. Beth overhears what he’s talking with Judy about, and when Mr. Doades comes back in he asks everyone to go home.
  • Upon arriving home, Addie hears some news from her dad.



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