About World of Darkness and the God-Machine Chronicle

World of Darkness is a a horror-themed roleplaying game that takes our world, and then twists it to take it a step darker with things that go bump in the night actually existing. It’s a game that focuses more on the storytelling and roleplaying, in fact, than actually rolling the dice – to the point that the person who guides the story is known as the Storyteller rather than the Dungeon Master or Game Master in other circles.

God-Machine Chronicle is a revamp of the original World of Darkness. Mostly, the rules are updated and streamlined and the game is granted an overarching plot conceit. The main thing for you, the players, to worry about are that the XP changes.

The Rules update PDF can be gotten right here for free: http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/114078/World-of-Darkness-GodMachine-Rules-Update

Namely, for XP, you now gain beats, which are basically “good job, you roleplayed well!” awards. 5 beats = 1XP. And an XP can get you far.

Attributes are 4xp.
Skills are 2xp.
Merits are 1xp.

These are flat costs, not scaling. What that means is buying Intimidation 1 costs 2xp, and buying Intimidation 5 costs 2xp. If you bought Intimidation 1 through 5 in one go, it would cost 10xp.

But with all that in mind, hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

About World of Darkness and the God-Machine Chronicle

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