Character Creation Information


“Fluff” Rules

Fluff rules are rules that mostly affect the story and the actual roleplaying portions of the game.

  1. Your character must be between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. Try to stick to around similar ages to each other (I know Jon is going to be a 14 year old hanger-on to a bunch of older kids so if the rest of you can be 16-18, that’d be perfect).
  2. It’s 2002. You don’t have a cellphone unless you take the Deep Pockets merit (listed below). They weren’t exactly prominent – or even that great – around this time.
  3. You live in Pottsville, PA. Your mayor is called a “Head Slaver.” There’s nothing otherwise notable about Pottsville – no one cool has come from the town, and it’s not especially known for anything of importance.
  4. You attend Pottsville Area High School. Check it out on wikipedia:


“Crunch” Rules

Crunch rules are rules that affect the actual mechanics of character creation. A few things:

  1. For Attributes, you get the generic spread of 5 in your primary, 4 in your secondary, and 3 in your tertiary areas.
  2. For skills, due to being teenagers, your abilities are reduced. You get 10 in your primary, 6 in your secondary, and 4 in your tertiary.
  3. You only get 2 specialties to start.
  4. You start with 7 dots worth of merits.


Innocents Merits

For the most part, we will be sticking to God-Machine Chronicle merits when possible, though I’ll allow World of Darkness/Armory, and will just alter them as needed to suit. I’ll bring these to a character creation session that we have so you can look through them. However, since we’re Teenagers, I’m going to allow a few Innocents merits. I’ve got them listed and described below, already altered to GMC mechanics.

  • Ego Boost – 2 dots
    • When someone compliments you on a skill that you have at at least 1 dot, you gain the Inspired Condition (which gives an exceptional success at 3 successes rather than 5, and gives a WP back when resolved). For each session that someone doesn’t compliment you, you gain the Angst Condition. This condition grants you a cumulative +1 (up to +5) on a specific physical or mental skill for each session that someone doesn’t compliment you as you grow better at it out of spite. Simultaneously, however, you become more insufferable – and you gain a cumulative -1 (up to -5) on Persuasion/Socialize/Expression rolls until your ego is again boosted.
  • Hard Head – 2 dots
    • You have an exceptionally hard head. Concussions just don’t happen to you. PREREQ: Resolve or Stamina 3. +2 to resolve rolls to avoid being stunned. If you’d normally not get to roll, instead of gaining the +2 you gain the chance to roll to avoid stun.
  • Tiny – 1 dot
    • You’re teensy-weensy. Gain a +1 to stealth rolls due to being small and able to squeeze into small places. The Storyteller will also give situational bonuses where being small is useful, e.g. walking on thin ice, trying to look cute, etc. DRAWBACK: Your size is 1 less than normal (4 rather than 5) and you’re at -1 health.
  • Deep Pockets – 2 dots
    • Your parents make sure you have the latest styles, the latest electronics, the shiniest car. You generally have the best of the best for the time. In addition, once per chapter, you may make a Manipulation + Socialize roll vs your guardian to get them to agree to an outlandish request.
  • Odd Jobs – 1 dot
    • You do a lot of odd jobs around your neighborhood. You always have $10 to $20 in your pocket that you can spend however you’d like.
  • Pet – 1 dot OR 3 dots
    • Self-explanitory. At 1 dot: You have a pet that is your faithful companion. Spending 15 minutes a day playing with this animal gives you a +1 on your breaking point rolls. At 3 dots: You have a true companion – a dog who is always at your side, a cat who sits on your shoulders, etcetera. In the case of the three-dot pet, this animal is fiercely loyal, unto death, and will die defending you if it has to. It gives you a +1 to breaking point rolls, will defend you in a fight, and gives you a +2 to animal ken. DRAWBACK (at 3 dots): If your companion dies, you gain a Condition. They cannot be replaced.
  • Prized Possession – 1 dot
    • Your character has an item they adore and use often. It gives a +2 rather than the traditional +1 equipment bonus to all things it should give a bonus to. If you use it for a task it normally wouldn’t be useful for, rather than a -1 it gives a +1. (I.E. A harmonica used to play a solo will give a +2 on expression to do that. A harmonica used to block a door from opening will give a +1 to crafts rather than a -1.)
  • Team Player – 2 dots
    • You encourage others to work together and give it their all. You may make a Presence + Empathy roll while offering encouragement to your companions. When you do, everyone gains a +1 roll on all teamworked tasks.

Character Creation Information

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