Centralia: The Ever-Burning


The graffiti spray-painted on the highway reads “Welcome to Hell." A sign on the side of the road, mostly overgrown with foliage, reads in glaring black on yellow: “AREA SUBJECT TO MINE SUBSIDENCE AND TOXIC GAS EMISSIONS.” The smell of burning charcoal is on the wind. You know that ahead houses covered with leaves and vines hunch together and cower from the smoke-hissing gashes in the road.

You’ve always lived an hour from Centralia. You grew up in the sleepy so-called “city” of Pottsville in which the whole economy revolves around coal-mining. Centralia was a mark of failure on the local mining industry – a formerly thriving town where a fire was set (and no one is certain how) that is going to be burning for, it’s estimated, up to five hundred more years before it will finally burn out. It was a place you were warned you’d be sent if you didn’t behave as a child. Yearly, you heard about some dumb thrill-seeker heading out to the town to try and sneak around who falls into a pit and dies due to the molten temperatures nearest to the flames. But you’re older now – too old to believe the lies your parents tossed at you about sending you there as punishment, and you’re a local, so you know better than silly thrill-seekers, right?

The Ever-Burning is a GMC tabletop game. It’s about a group of teenagers who just want to poke into a local legend, have a little fun, and uncover the truth behind what they’ve learned.

For information on characters, check out the Character page for physical descriptions, pictures, and background history.

For information on setting and character creation (and other more interesting tidbits!), check out the main wiki page.

The Ever-Burning

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