The Ever-Burning


Obsidian rock lined with magma, fire bursting out as hair, eyes burning cinders settled in his face, everything about the True Fae known as Brand speaks of heat. Getting too near him results in blistered skin melting away to burn.


  • Highly volatile mood swings
  • Psychotic and chaotic
  • Prone to random acts of violence/terror


  • Command of fire
  • High combat strength
  • May impersonate a human form

Last known direct contact with Brand was a few years ago when, assuming a human shape for unknown reasons, he went on a murderous rampage through the Greater New York City area. He killed an unknown number of humans before being caught by mortal authorities and, apparently growing bored with the charade, shook off the disguise and returned to Arcadia.

He mostly stays to his realm now – and uses stories about Centralia to get people lured there to have his cultists (almost everyone still living in Centralia, really) kidnap them to Arcadia for him or at least direct him.


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