Frank Jones

Ranger dad.


It’s the magnificent mustache most people notice first. After that it’s the surly expression, or perhaps it’s more the smell – an old scent of Lava Soap and leather and dirt. Frank Jones is an imposing figure, though he doesn’t necessarily mean to be. At first sight, he seems like the sort of dad who’d wait on the porch with a shotgun ready to bring someone down for coming home late or kissing his daughter, but past his rough exterior he turns out to be a good guy who just cares about his daughter Adelaide more than anything.


Known Facts

  • Never attended college; got a job in the mines after high school, and from there eventually moved to become a mine ranger.
  • Divorced from his wife. Things weren’t working out. It was amicable, even if they’re distant now.
  • Likes hunting.

Frank Jones

The Ever-Burning maquila