Jin Burns

Flaming Construction Worker


See that flaming man with the weirdly large fingers? The one who constantly smells like smoke, even though you never see him smoking? That’s Jin. Jin’s mein isn’t very pleasant to look at, but that body of ember and smoldering eyes would probably keep you warm at night, right?

Gets a little better when you look upon his mask. Still stony faced, but with a burning intensity to him that keeps him memorable. His Korean mom and American Hick dad brought you all these wonderful features wrapped into one bulky laborer.



In the mundane world, Jin runs a construction company closely allied with charitable organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundations and Habitat For Humanity. He’s known for building dream homes in record time.

In the Freehold, Jin Burns is one of the Autumn Courts scouts, building watchtowers and other such defenses against True Fae incursions. Every wizard needs its tower, right?

Jin Burns

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