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  • Brand

    Last known direct contact with Brand was a few years ago when, assuming a human shape for unknown reasons, he went on a murderous rampage through the Greater New York City area. He killed an unknown number of humans before being caught by mortal …

  • Ryan Forsythe

    * Lives on a horse farm with his mom. * Loves animals, Magic, and anime.

  • Frank Jones

    h3. Known Facts * Never attended college; got a job in the mines after high school, and from there eventually moved to become a mine ranger. * Divorced from his wife. Things weren't working out. It was amicable, even if they're distant now. * Likes …

  • Kathy Dunn

    h3. Known Facts * Dental Hygienist * Husband - Kevin Dunn - is a local radio personality for 95.9 The Weasel. He calls himself Beat Master WHAM!

  • Casey Thorne

    * Older sister of [[:cory-thorn | Cory Thorne]] * Dating a fellow named Brandon Bass, known for legitimately being kicked out of every grade of school he's tried to attend and going to juvie. * Known drug user.

  • Cory Thorne

    * Younger brother of [[:casey-thorne | Casey Thorne]]. * Apparently has a crush on [[:elizabeth-beth-dunn | Beth]]. * A very good cook and craftsman. It's hard to tell if he does anything else.

  • Andi Baker

    * Home maker. * Is a natural at the military lifestyle, and makes close friends of the parents and PTA wherever she goes; almost _innately_ becomes treasurer of said PTA.

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